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It’s true what they say the second pregnancy is so different from the first. With a running jumping active toddler in tow, you barely have time to bless yourself never mind eh pregnancy yoga and self care. I mean of course I try but its squeezed inbetween everythig else I have going on.

The first trimester was pretty rough this time around, and I found it hard to keep anything down, even water! so I was very glad when it eventually passed at about 18 weeks.. I thought I was bad the first time around but with this pregnancy, it was a whole other level, and I was very grateful I was prescribed medicine to get me through. I took Cariban, which is basically Vit B and antihistamine, that helps stop the urge to puke. It did work, it was expensive but worth it.

I found it hard to keep moving during that time, just minding Molly and working was enough and my house was basically an absolute mess for about 3 months, but then it passed and eveyrthing changed.

Now at 27 weeks, the sickness has well passed and I’m eating everything and lots of it. I’m usually wrecked by about 8pm and head to bed after I put Molly down, which doesn’t leave much time for me and Jamie, or just Me! But I have to take the sleep when I can get it, with a toddler you are never guaranteed sleep!

I am so looking forward to the warmer weather so I can wear dresses and more comfy items,  I picked up a few accessories and sandals recently which got my excited for Summer.

How about you? What was your favourite trimester? Did you take any medication? Where did you shop for maternity clothes?




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