Aer Lingus Boutique

I thought it was a joke when I saw the magazine onboard for the Aer Lingus boutique. A Posher way of saying Duty-Free? I asked the crew. They told me the difference is that on short-haul flights when they are unable to sell cigarettes or alcohol they have a different name for the onboard shop.

Right so..

This is an olden Goldie concealer

clicks and is applied easily under your eyes or anywhere .. always worth having in the makeup bag.

Although we left super early with Molly for our little getaway, everything takes longer with a baby and we didn’t get time to pick anything up in the duty-free in the airport before we left. We parked in the long term parking, and I’m very proud to say we had NO checked in luggage for this trip so we went through security and straight to the gate and boarded about 15mins later.

This one I had heard of and was so glad I bought it for the holiday. I put it on my cuticles and nails and it was so good! Also a great remedy for mosquito bites!

Our prayers were answered when the lovely ground staff offered to move us up to row 4, lots of free seats and space. Just what we needed! Sneaky though – We had received emails saying the flight was so full, that we could avail of checking our cabin bags for only €5 the night before. We didn’t avail, as we wanted them with us, but half the front cabin was empty so I thought that was a bit sneaky..expected that from Ryanair but not Aer Lingus. Also annoying was the fact that there were very limited places you could choose with an infant to sit and they were asking you to pay to choose the seat. We didn’t and the ground staff moved us both times. So the amount we would have spent on fees I got to buy some treats!

A couple of things made the trip much better for MollyRose, Mama and Dada, and I then bought myself a few beauty products I’d been meaning to try from the Aer Boutique ..Classy.

I’ve always been intrigued with this brand can’t wait to try this out, they have great skincare and supplements so I’m guessing the makeup is awesome too
Haven’t tried these yet, but I do typically wear more gloss than lipstick 💄 so I’m sure they won’t go to waste .. love the tones

Winner Peppa Pig colouring book

As you can see Molly stimulated Dada wrecked!

Peppa Pig colouring book with crayons, gave her loads of entertainment, big hit! It was €9.99 in Dunnes Stores. We also downloaded a bunch of her favourite shows and songs from Netflix on her mini pad before we left. Word Party, Baby Bum etc. ” Toons ” as she calls them 🙂

I made a lunchbox of pasta and chicken the way she likes it before we left so she happily munched on pasta when she was hungry. The Ellas Kitchen smoothies came in handy between, they’re so handy and she can hold them herself, and they are familiar. Also White chocolate buttons, less messy milk chocolate but a nice treat when we needed her to stay still.

The flight was grand, the way home was harder simply because it was a night flight and Corfu airport is absolutely disorganized, hot and loads of flights go out at the same time.. I would recommend day flight coming home .. especially with a toddler! Poor molly she did great but I wouldn’t put her through that late night again. The security even frisked me! Common lads 8 months pregnant and wearing flip flops give me a break 😂..

How about you? Any flights yet this summer?

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