Corfu one of the Ionion Islands ​

On the second day of our car rental, we wanted to revisit Corfu town for an iced coffee, a little culture and some shoe shopping. The greeks have the best leather sandals, and I was keen to get a few pairs for all of us while we were there. We headed out early so it might be cooler, but as you can see MollyRose was super tired, so we had to abort most of the missions!  We started with a yummy iced coffee did a bit of walking around, and then had to call it.


We drove over to old town to take in the views before we left, old town is so beautiful, the doors, the shutters, the colours, it really takes you back in time. If I wasn’t 8 months pregnant and with a 2-year-old we probably would have pushed through the heat and stayed for a good while, but it wasn’t possible this trip!

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