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It’s probably universal, an instinct to pass information on, in my own life and with my own bunch of friends, its something we do…when we see something cool or beautiful, when we need to be aware of something, or when we learn a new hack..we tell the girls.

Interiors of Home

I’m Anna, founder, and owner of ANNA SCHU Skin + Beauty, a beauty destination established in 2010 in Dublin Ireland. I’ve spent the last decade as an entrepreneur and small business owner, my salon and shop is in its 10th year trading. More recently I’ve become a Mummy to MollyRose and Cassie and a new home owner. My husband and I decided to take a leap and move County from Dublin down to Sunny Wexford, so lots of changes all around. Making time for creativity and home life is my focus for this new season. I am no expert but if you know me at all you will know I am passionate about interiors and decorating so I look forward to exploring that while making my house a home and hopefully inspiring others. I hope you become part of the journey.


I am a huge advocate for well being, I hope to share some of the processes I am learning and habits I’m forming for staying in a healthy head and heart space no matter what season of life.

Say Hello! I look forward to connecting with you. X

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